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We support emergency medicine education and training in developing and low resources countries and fill the vital gaps that exist.

Our faculty

The International Centre for Excellence in Emergency Medicine (CEEM), is a collaborative partnership between the Division of Emergency Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa, through EMCT and the Notfallzentrum of the Inselspital, University of Bern, Switzerland.

The Centre’s aim is to deal with often ignored or forgotten issues pertinent to the successful rendition of high-quality care, such as patient safety issues, critical clinical thinking, Emergency Centre Management and many more.

completness Completeness
An innovative, all-comprehensive
look at the heart of emergency medicine.
collaboration Strategic partnership

All the advantages of having two
university hospitals meet your training needs.

evolution Evolution

The promise of an educational offer up-to-date with the current necessities of the field.


Academic Emergency Medicine Bern

The University of Bern Inselspital Emergency Centre is a level one unit, incorporating one of the biggest trauma units in Switzerland. It receives about 40,000 patients per year. As one of the biggest alpine ECs in Europe, it receives ± 1500 admissions per helicopter each year. As a level one unit it covers all specialities and subspecialties in medicine and surgery. It has a long lasting record of teaching and research activities and it has active and ongoing exchange programs with hospitals in South Africa, Ireland and the UK.


Emergency Medicine Cape Town

Emergency Medicine Cape Town (EMCT) was founded in 2001 and represents the cooperation between the Divisions of Emergency Medicine of both the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University. It took the lead to become the first South African institution to offer a specialist exit degree in Emergency Medicine in 2004 in South Africa. Today EMCT offers several degrees and diplomas, up to doctoral level. It hosts the largest emergency medicine school in Africa and is responsible for a large proportion of all emergency medicine research of the continent.

These are proving to be exciting times for emergency medicine in the region, and this emerging speciality is fast becoming a vital foundation for health care in the Western Cape, South Africa and Africa. Through integration within the local and national public health sector EMCT has expanded to provide substantial clinical and quality resources within emergency centres, at special events and on the road, through providing specialist staff, knowledge and training. Our partnership includes the Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town and the Western Cape Government Department of Health.

International Centre for Excellence
in Emergency Medicine
INO C 218
Bern 3010 – Switzerland

T: +41 31 632 24 42



University of Bern Inselspital
Emergency Centre


African Federation for Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine
Cape Town (EMCT)